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Tell Kleenex to ditch dodgy claims

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Get rid of false 'flushable' claims

UPDATE 12 DECEMBER 2016: the ACCC announced it is taking court action against Kimberly-Clark (Kleenex) and Pental (White King) for alleged false and misleading representations in relation to "flushable" wipes. 

Dodgy "flushable" claims on toilet wipes clog pipes and drain wallets. Help wipe out the advertising spin by telling the major manufacturers and retailers you want these products off the shelves unless they clean up their acts.

In October 2015, CHOICE made a formal complaint to the ACCC because our testing showed that flushable wipes did not break down like toilet paper. 

Calling wipes 'flushable' when they clog pipes and cause damage to our home plumbing and water waste treatment systems is misleading, which is why we called on the ACCC to step in.

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